Saturday, February 4, 2012

Racing Your Guts Out

One of the things that we are always doing at T2 is sharpening our racing skills and racing attitudes. Saturday morning the AGD 2 group was working on one thing.

Racing. Our. Guts. Out.

A few rounds through of this set:
50 Back
100 Free (heads to tails send off)
then a 50 Freestyle RACING OUR GUTS OUT!

We grouped everyone into great racing heats and had some awesome results. Two of the best times were done by swimmers less commonly known as: "Bubba" and more commonly known as: "Turkey". These girls were battling it out all morning and then we had a little show down to find out once and for all if someone would actually "race their guts out". Below is that video:

These athletes were digging deep - just like we talked about a few posts before. Where would we be if we could do this on a daily basis? Oh where would we be......

Here are some other racing games we played at practice this morning. Swim out to the yellow laneline rings, swim back. Any stroke. Any style. Any way. Just get there and back. No rules.

Keep racing your guts out T2. At practice. At prelims. At finals. In Freestyle. In Breaststroke. In Relays.

Race. Your. Guts. Out.

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