Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Eyeball Game

This week we played the famous "eyeball game".  The eyeball game is really quite simple.  It is a great way to start practice and get kids in the water and also a great way to finish practice on a good note with some smiling kids.  

I have these eyeballs (thank you Party City) and I throw them in the water - one for each lane.  Sometimes two for an added challenge.   Maybe I toss them under the flags?  When I yell "GO!" then your lane works together to push the eyeball down the pool and into the gutter at the other end.  Two rules:  The eyeball has to stay in your lane and you can not touch the eyeball!

Swim speed does not matter much in this game either.  I love playing games from time to time where speed does not give you some advantage that is very difficult to overcome.  It also creates an opportunity for the entire lane to work together creating a big wave that pushes the eyeball to the other end.

I also have a funny story about how these eyeballs are actually mine and I get them changed out every year from my right eye (which is not true) because when I was young I stabbed myself in the eye with a pencil (which is true)!  Sometimes these stories put a little added joke to the game.  You can also play with a ping pong ball - same thing.  Face it though, eyeballs are MUCH more fun!