Monday, February 13, 2012

Practice Gains Have Been Made

Here are some of the sets that the T2 Aquatics AGP and AGD2 groups have been doing recently. The AGP group, where some of our 11-14 year olds train has come a long way in the last 2 months. The AGD 2 group has come even further. Both groups have spent some time doing some great aerobic sets. Some of these are "classic" aerobic sets. The key is having a great attitude about it and understanding what the challenge can bring you. They offer the chance to make some breakthroughs. The key? Make the breakthrough and USE IT.

Working with the swimmers and helping them navigate through these changes over the last few months has been both fun and exciting to watch. By watching what they are doing, mixing the sets and helping them progress through - it has been awesome. We just need to keep giving these swimmers what they need when they need it. It is these types of changes that I enjoy seeing the most. How boring is doing the same thing every single day! We must have purpose with what we are doing. It is just so much more fun that way!


Some Examples From AGP:

Half of AGP did 40x100's on 1:20. The other half did 40x100's on 1:15. Just about everyone made these without a single miss.

Some kids in AGP did a freestyle set in December that was:

3,000, 2,000, 1,000, 800, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 (all on 1:15 per 100)

They did it. What did they prove? That they could do it. It was a challenge - the biggest they have ever had. 25x100 Free on 1:10 doesn't seem so difficult now does it??? The 500 Free seems so....short now doesn't it? Maybe we could get some swimmers splitting a 500 Free at :58, 1:01, 1:01, 1:01, 1:00 from someone in this group soon? These guys grew their engines on that day!

The entire group going from: 8x400 FRIM (on 6:00) to:
8x400 FRIM (2 on 6:00, 2 on 5:55, 2 on 5:50, 2 on 5:45) to:
8x400 FRIM (on 5:30) -

These are the training jumps that we are making. Huge strides quickly. It shows great changes in the group as a whole.

So what? So what you say? We can do a set and crank down the interval. Whoopdy do. When we do sets like Monday Jan 30th (LCM) - you can see where we DO SOMETHING with the breakthrough.

4x100 FR Moderate on 1:40
4x100 FR Even Pace on 1:30

Simple enough. We had four 13-14's average 1:12 or better. We had three 11-12's average 1:13 or better. Not too shabby. Especially for where we were a few short months ago.

Taking these gains and translating them to some more speed practices mixed in there over the next few weeks is key. At T2 we will be doing that! We WILL be doing that! Many of you have surprised yourself over the last couple of weeks. Let's keep that going!

Some Examples From AGD 2:

In AGD 2, where some of our 9-11 year olds train, we have been making some great strides as well. A few months ago very few members of the group could swim a set of 100 Freestyles on 1:45. I think we had one swimmer that could make 10x100 FR on 1:30 at the end of the Summer. Now, most of the group is doing BACKSTROKE on 1:45 without issue. We did this set on Feb 8th:

8- 75 FR, 25 BA on 1:35
8- 50 FR, 50 BA on 1:40
8- 100 Back on 1:45
      *(Some of our 10&Unders did the same set but with 75's instead of 100's.)

We were building some confidence with our backstroke turns/finishes. Something that everyone can get a little better with. Sets like this (with repeat backstroke) really help age groupers get familiar with the walls. Speed and confidence with this in races can really be an advantage, especially at the age group level. Most swimmers just do not have it!

The next practice we followed up with an entire practice of FRIM:

8x50 easy
8x50 easy
8x50 easy
8x50 easy

Swimmers were able to comfortably work down their times while doing a few other things like streamlining to the flags. At the end, we were able to maintain our stroke, maintain our attitude, maintain our speed and swim very fast. It was great. The set took the entire practice basically and it was awesome! It makes me look back at where you guys were 12 months ago and LAUGH! One set we did in January (when I was just getting to know you guys) was 10x100's FR on 2:30. And most of you could not do that!

The next practice we did some kicking 5x200 IM Kick Descend 1-5 on 4:30. Working on our descending skills and just our overall general kicking ability. It worked out well. We haven't been doing much of this type of kicking - but we are starting to get into it. It was great to have your heads out of the water for a bit as we were able to work on how to read the clock and have it help you stay on track. Key. Lot's of swimmers overlook it. The attention to detail can really help young swimmers! The interval will certainly come down as we get stronger and better at controlling our speed - so get ready!!

After that set we did some drills and then worked on our speed and underwater kicking/breakouts with some Fast 25's. Just a 75 easy then a fast 25 in groups. We got our racing on. (Racing our guts out!)

Mixing those longer ladders and aerobic sets with the kicking with the speed stuff is our plan for AGD 2. You will see huge changes in yourself and your swimming. Doing it with a great positive attitude and drive to be better is key. Let's get going!

Just some more awesome things happening at T2 Aquatics...... What strides will we make in the next few weeks? Where will you be able to do then that you are working towards today?

GO T2 !

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