Sunday, January 8, 2012

"One Finds Limits By Pushing Them."

"One finds limits by pushing them."
-Herbert Simon
One of the teaching points in the Age Group Program at T2 this past Fall has been teaching the swimmers how to navigate through a practice in order to set the path of a higher level of performance. While each of the Age Group Development and Performance groups are operating with different age groups and different ability levels - the core values remain the same. We must work to achieve higher levels of accountability, and dedication while working on setting goals and more importantly - a path to achieve those goals.
Part of the "theme" of the last few weeks has been learning how to figure out how to set the path.

First step, what is the goal? Second step, be aware of what is going on. Third step, dig deep. Fourth step, climb high.
Establish The Goal. What do you want to do? Why do you come to practice? What is your goal? Set a goal that is "do-able" and something that YOU want to do. Someone can put an idea in your head, but in the end, the satisfaction of the process will be enjoyable if YOU are behind the goal 100%.
Be Aware. You must constantly be aware of what is going on with your training. What is your attitude like? Your attendance? Your speed? Your technique? Your motivation? If you are slipping, be aware and correct it. If you are pushing it to a new limit, congratulate yourself! If you blow past a goal, be aware, and set a new one quickly.
Dig Deep. Use your motivation to accomplish great things. When athletes dig down deep for that little extra, they always feel good about it. That’s one of the things about great athletes - that satisfaction is something that they crave. The more you crave it, the better you will be.
Climb High. Enjoy your success, your triumphs, your new limits.

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