Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Telephone Swimming

Yesterday some T2 age groupers played some "Telephone Swimming".  Two groups had very similar sets (20x25's on :35 and 20x25's on :40).  Before each lap I told the lane leaders what to do on the next 25 and they had to tell the second swimmer in the lane.  The second swimmer in the lane then told the third swimmer and so on.  The instructions had to be quick - and the swimmers had to focus.  It was a great listening game and I was able to sneak in a few challenges in there (which a few 25's of "FAST FLY" in a row will do!).  Besides, it was a fun way to do a little 500 yard warm up set!

Here are some examples of what we did:  Freestyle with 12 strokes.  Fast free with soft entry.  Kick, Kick, Pull Breaststroke.  Backstroke with a race finish.  Lane leaders choice.  Favorite stroke. Second favorite stroke.  3rd favorite stroke. 4th favorite stroke.  Fast Fly.  Soft entry backstroke.  5 free strokes then flip.

If we play this game a little further into the season the instructions will still be short but the swimmers will be expected to do more detailed things once they pick up all of the "cue words" that I use at practice.  "Shooter breaststroke", "3-2-1 breaststroke", or "NDL10Y"

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